Bun & Beanster is a creative marketing and design team located in Phoenix, Arizona. Whether you’re a start-up, a successful seasoned business looking to refresh your brand, or an epic non-profit organization with a unique mission, we’re here to help. We keep a simple approach: find out what you need to succeed, lay out a winning plan with you, and execute. We specialize in helping small businesses tap into their full potential by guiding them through smart marketing solutions, and resourcing them with creative solutions that makes sense for them. We have years of design, marketing and printing experience. You’re in the good hands of experts.

We’re a complete creative force, the one-stop shop you’ve been missing. Our services include a spectrum of support solutions such as graphic design, building clear and easy to use websites, web, collateral print, signage, retail grade apparel printing, large format printing, creative writing, storytelling, social media & digital marketing, motion graphics, and video production.

Get ready for a uniquely better creative team and a game-changing partnership ahead.

- The Bun & Beanster Team



The Team

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." – Phil Jackson

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Owner & Creative Wizard

“T” as he is often referred to by his peers (and clients) has designed and provided creative solutions for small and large organizations alike, helping grow their business and brand for over 8 years. He has been in key creative roles for large organizations, namely Christ’s Church of the Valley, one of the top 5 largest churches in America, where he designed, helped develop its brand and engineered events involving thousands in attendance. He leads clients to match up their passion, vision and natural skills to turn out the best results for their business. An avid foodie, part of his creative process is gathering some of the city’s best creatives around great food to discuss new projects and dreaming out loud.

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Marketing Magician

StoryBrand Certified Guide

Eric has been helping businesses and non-profit organizations clarify their message & marketing strategies since 2017. As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, he is our expert in leading businesses through a proven 7-part framework that helps clarify a company’s message, create a marketing road map, and get the results. Eric is also a talented speaker and communicator, he is often found striking up conversations with strangers whether it’s at the gym or a coffee shop. He and his wife host The Mommy Daddy Time Podcast which helps couples create better marriages, build better families and laugh along the way.

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Sarah B.

Photography phenom

Sarah has loved photography and has been shooting her whole professional life. She started her own photography business 4 years ago and became a world traveler as well.  She especially loves shooting international content for various projects.  She is an extremely creative and valuable collaborator on various projects.  She is most passionate about helping people and organizations tell a story through her lens, capturing specific moments in time that would never be repeated.  She’ll fight to find the right light and context to tell your story through the images she skillfully captures and edits.




Years ago, when his passion for motion graphics hobby was introduced to 3D animation, there was no going back. For Kris, 3D is a playground of endless possibilities with full creative freedom and absolute intentionality in messaging. When it comes to work, he’s an organization nerd operating only with comprehensive task lists and clear milestones. He seeks feedback and synergy the whole way. With a love for culture and new experiences, Kris has traveled to ten countries across five continents over the last two decades. Kris loves to collaborate with creatives, often drinking snooty coffee in the early AM and local craft beer after the sun sets.



Calligraphist & Photographer

Lauryn Sweet is a modern calligraphist based out of Southern California. She is passionate about hand lettering, handwritten type, and typography. Skilled in a variety of mediums including digital, ink, and chalk, she is a versatile and talented artist. Lauryn loves bringing a unique and joyful vibe to letters and type. She also has keen eye for detail, lighting and composition and is an avid photographer. Chai tea lattes, making terrible puns, and Oxford commas are some of her favorite things.



Sarah’s been a long time writer and has been honing her craft over the last several years. She uses words as an avenue to really connect customers to clients through stories and hilarity. As social media continues to shift, she’s constantly learning the new trends and strategies to keep content current and purposeful. She’s a firm believer in all things 90’s pop and can often be found embarrassing her kids in public when one of her jams comes on no matter where they are. Wife to the Bearded Brawny man and mom of 3 children that speak a combined 84,000 words per day, Sarah’s days are loud and pretty stinking awesome.