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Great events need intricate planning, good design & logistics followed by flawless execution.

Events if done right are very powerful momentum creators and can yield amazing returns on your investment. They are something people often chat about long after it’s over. There is an energy that is needed in order to make an event great, and it starts with the right planning team in place to work out the details. Just like your business, your event needs to have a clear objective, it needs to be designed properly aesthetically and logistically. Events can be the most overwhelming piece of your business simply because they are not frequent enough to have a designated team assigned to the minutia that exists when planning an event. We can help you with event planning, design, logistics, monetization, guest registration solutions, ticket sales, promo & marketing and execution.

Take the pressure off and start with a simple consultation with us. We will help you compile a list to review and help you wrap your mind around how to take bites of the elephant you’re facing! All initial meetings are free, you have nothing to lose, if anything, you’ll get a bit more clarity on finding your next step.

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  • Event Consulting - we will help you develop a game plan for your event, we’ll ask you a multitude of questions that’ll help you picture your event in high definition.

  • Logistics - we can help educate you on what is needed when it comes to logistics, design and flow of a successful event.

  • Graphic Design - for printed and digital goods for an event.

  • Event Capture - We can capture your event for future commercial use, promotions and campaigns.


Plan, design and execute your event confidently.

Steps To Executing a stress-free event


Sit down and consult with us regarding your vision, goals and purpose for your event. Whether it’s a large corporate gathering or a smaller fundraising event, we’ve done them and have done them well. There is a large list of things that need to get on your planning sheet, we can help you map out how they impact each other and how to put them in order for execution.


Let’s put a plan together to execute your event. This is the part where you line up your budget with your to-do’s. Since all of your priorities and goals were set from the previous section, now you just have to line up all of the elements you need to be designed and produced for the event.


We can help you produce, execute and even run your event with you. We can run your campaign for you, create registrations/sign ups, run and manage ticket sales. This portion of the project is the most enjoyable as you will get to see your event come to life and start to take shape from a branding and sales stand point.


This is the bonus portion of what you will get with us as your design and event gurus. We can produce all that you need including digital deliverables like websites and resgistrations. We have a proven creative team to support you with all the resources you need, in one place. No more looking for several non-trusted vendors to produce designs and printed goods… learn more about printing with us.

Get a free event planning consultation!